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To Trend on Twitter movie poster Andy Wooding.jpeg

Title: To Trend on Twitter

Written and Directed by: Andy Wooding

Key Cast: Keeley-Jo Jupp, Helen Lederer, David Baddiel, Tyrone Atkins, Jennifer MoxhamClaire Garvey,  Josh Whitehouse, Reuben Williams, Claire Louise Amias,  Sarah Daykin, Andy Wooding, Rosanna Colclough, Marek Larwood, Jason Flemyng 

Exec. Producers: Matthew Houghton, Jack and Andrea Mancus, Rick and Eleanor Hyland, Jessica Hodges.

Assoc. Producers: Dalj Brar, Leon Smith, Danny Payea, Neil Berry, Bob Turley, Sam Booth, Laurie Towers.

Producers: Andy Wooding, Allen Austin-Bishop, Oli Gots

Cinematographer: Jordan Cushing

Production Design: Luke Nash

Costume Design: Sophia Aiudi

Editor: Chris Scurfield

GFX: Thomas Smith

Sound Design: Igor Garanin

Composer: Marc Mancus

Crew: Coming soon!

Running Time: approx 20 mins

Nationality: United Kingdom

Businesses who supported the film: Rivoli Ballroom, Cherryduck Studios, Studio Zero, Portiacraft, Ed’s Easy Diner, Wallace’s Bar, Direct Photographic, Spectrecom Studios.

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